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  HaKibbutz HaDati
HaKibbutz HaDati is the umbrella organization that binds together the Orthodox Zionist Kibbutzim. Above all, these kibbutzim have the stated common aim to foster the values and principles embodied in the watchwords Torah VeAvodah.(The all-embracing commitment to Torah values and their practical application in all facets of human activity.)
  The kibbutz Industries Association (KIA)
The kibbutz Industries Association (KIA) is a voluntary organization established in 1962. It represents over 130,000 people and more than 400 industrial enterprises from all the Kibbutz movements. KIA's Board of Directors is appointed by the three Kibbutz movements. The executive management consists of division officers plus department managers.All KIA's executives and officers are Kibbutz members, who are rotated every four to five years.
  Neemaney Tora vaAvoda
The movement's orientation is ideological and social and is not affiliated with any political party. It includes members belonging to the whole political spectrum who have decided - for the time being - to ignore the political issues of land, peace etc. They are concentrating instead on questions of the modern observant Jew's concept, the Jewish identity in a modern state etc. questions which are critical to the internal interrelationships among ourselves.

2003 Yariv
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